Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

 Didn't get many pictures but here are a few of a fun day!  Pancake breakfasts, the Macbeths and us rode bikes to Doheny (what a zoo that beach was!).  Libby rode most of the way!  Then a BBQ at our house and fireworks at the lake.  Sure glad Tammy and Eric are close by now too!

 Sydneys good friend, Maddy, and her family were here from Arizona and got to join us too!

Syd and her Arizona family

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A nice summer evening with my forever friends

 We try to get together for birthdays and it seems to be getting harder and harder.  Why is that?  We are old and have nothing to do right?
 Karen, Connie, and Melody
 Janie, Pat, and Rae
 Rhonda, me, and Heidi

 A nice evening with great friends!

A great date with Summer and Sydney

 Dinner first at Northwoods with these cuties

 Then off to La Mirada Theater for a great performance of our favorite play!
Thanks girls for joining us

Lexi is 2!

 Lexi turned 2 and mommy planned a last minute party that included cookie decorating
 Libby has turned into quite the party coodinator...she was telling us all when it was time to start each activity.  She may have a future of cruise director or just take after her Grammy!

 Grammy helped Sydney make Lexi an Ariel princess dress

 The beginning of a lot of hard work

 The view from above
We sure love our Lexi!

The Coopers are sealed in the Los Angeles Temple

 Very happy day for the Mitchell Family (Jannica and Kobe even got to be here)

 Libby wanted her picture taken with Jesus
 Here we are almost 45 years later at our wedding photo tree
 Double time...someday I will learn how to delete!
 The Cooper forever family

Porter graduates and comes to visit with 8 friends!

 They stayed a week and were very busy!
 We had Three Arch bay to ourselves for the bonfire
 They cleaned up nice for the 11:00 church (our 1:00 was too late and Jens 9:00 too early!)
 Can't believe his has graduated and will be off to the Marshall Islands for his mission...where did the time go?
 Love this picture
Volleyball after Sunday dinner (did I mention my grocery bill?!!!).  I think they all had a wonderful time and Porter was an amazing "cruise director"!  So glad they came and that Porter invited Zane to come too.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Palm Springs Follies

 About 10 years ago Tammy and I took our parents to a great show in Palm Springs, The Palm Springs Follies.  It was a great show.  This year was their final season and I wanted Terry to see it.  We invited a bunch of friends and a few joined us for the weekend, The Rasmussens, Franks and Cooks.  They all loved the show too!
 Dinner at Tommy Bahamas
 Brad and Jason came out for a day of golf
Brunch at the Westin Mission Hills...a great short weekend!