Friday, October 22, 2010

Terry finally sees the white!

Since we have remodeled and moved in to the new house I have been bugging Terry to let me paint the cupboards white. He had some pretty strong ties to the oak but he finally saw the "white". Not bad before....
A few years ago I suggested we paint the hutch he built about 15 years ago. It is a great hutch but I felt it would be cuter with parts of it white....

The new and brighter white kitchen!!! Mike the painter did a great job!

I love the hutch! And even though Terry doesn't like to admit it, he does too!

Cute Libby at 6 weeks! We can't believe she could get any cuter but she does. She is cooing and smiling (just not when we have the camera ready!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Visitors

The Stewarts came first and had great beach weather!
They mostly came for some serious Libby time

We had a quick (got there too late) trip to Pumpkin City

It was a fun group with Tammy and Brit too

The cute Macbeth Family

The Openshaws overlapped the Stewarts for about half a day. We had more time with them at Pumpkin City but in the everpresent drizzle.

Notice the rain drops!

We had a fun walk to the beach by way of the gorgeous St. Regis Hotel. Can you tell we didn't get hot?

Ellie at one of the fountains - we were the only people there!

We took these crazy Utahans to Three Arch Bay and they enjoyed it despite the horrible weather!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Libby is almost a month old now and weighs in at 10 lb 1 oz! Isn't she a beauty? And such a good baby. I am going to take her picture on my bed every week just to watch her grow!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun and quick trip to the Stewarts

Summer doing what she loves to do - holding Libby!
The cheering section at Summers game

Libby was absolutely perfect on the trip including a very long ride home with an hours delay on the freeway due to an accident

Ty's team is coached by his dad and sister. He scored 3 goals for us!

Summers game was really fun to watch. The final score was 9-7 and they won! She played great!

Syds game was almost cancelled at the beginning due to lightning but it was only delayed about 15 minutes and we got to watch the whole game not just 5 minutes!

Ty and Syd had a great time in the pool with Uncle Brad. The weather had cooled off so much that the rest of us decided we we not all that hot and just sat and watched the action.

Just down the dirt road from Jens house is the Old Jerome Cemetery. Not quite a German cemetery but fun to check out some of the remaining graves.

Sunday afternoon we had an amazing rain and hail storm complete with a full rainbow!

The kids had fun eating and making "Hailballs" from the patio