Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sydney and Tanners 12 year old trip

As is our tradition, Tanner and Sydney got to come down for a temple trip for their 12th birthday. We went to the Los Angeles Temple where we were married over 42 years ago. After attending the wedding of our cousin, Justin, the kid got to be baptized for some of their ancestors. Some of them were born in the 16th and 17th century!
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Cardon
We had our picture taken in front of this tree on our wedding day. Do you think we have changed a bit?

Amy and Jen got to come too because of ridiculous "unaccompanied minor" fees! It was great to have them too!
Playing a fun game of Pop the Pig! Libby is getting to know her colors very well.
Bowling with everyone Saturday night. Brit and Mike got to join us too.
We had a nice walk on the San Clemente Beach Trail and pier Sunday afternoon.
aren't they cute?

Pazookies for dessert - yum!
Syd wanted to play volleyball before they had to fly out Monday. Too bad we had a very old ball...we'll have to get a new one!
After dropping Syd and Jen off at LAX we went to Santa Monica for some more fun.
We paid our dollar and we did laugh!
We all liked the one-man-band on the Third Street Promenade but Libby was a bit shy to give him her dollar (braver than Tanner though cuz he refused!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our \Ffirst Timeshare Getaway

We were lured down to our timeshare this weekend with a new owner Taste of San Diego Tour. First stop was a coffee grinding and roasting place. Not much there for us! Then second stop was this great Mexican restaurant where we sampled cripspy quesadillas and burritos. Yummy!
Third stop was this Italian restaurant where we sampled pizza (Terry loved the clam-garlic!) and ravioli. Very good!
Last stop was this fun diner that has been in lots of movies and on the food chanel. We sampled Monte Cristo sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Even if I wasn't stuffed I don't think I would ever order that sandwich again!
Saturday Libby brought her parents down for the day. Terry and Brad were golfing right behind Libby.
The weather was beautiful so we girls headed off to the pool. It was a bit chilly but Libby had a good time anyway.
We ended the day at the jacuzzi which was a nice warm temperature. Just right for Libby. We went for a walk and ran into the golfers on the last hole (sorry no pictures) then had a nice dinner and called it a night!