Monday, June 27, 2011

A family first.... just call her Master Becky!

Sunday evening we celebrated a first as Becky has finished her Masters Degree. We had quite a few of her friends over for a supposedly surprise dinner. Here she is with the Jessops.

Brit pinning on her mortar board to a not quite surprised Bec!

A few of the dinner crew hanging out in the backyard

The proud parents, husband and daughter of the graduate!

Cindy Robinsons family made her a very cute candy card

with the Vargas....their friends all have babies!

A sickly Libby with Brit and Mike. Congrats Becky!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not to brag but....

My flowers look awesome right now! Guess there are advantages to June gloom.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OK...Last post of Roar and Snore I promise!

Grammy and Pops with their pride and joy! We found out that all our grandkids (who are in school) got straight A's on their report cards! They must take after us!!!
The cute Stewart Family

The cute Openshaw Family

The cute Macbeth Family

The hammock we bought in Honduras was a big hit - even when Pops turned the sprinklers on it!

More fun with the grandkids

That Tanner is one strong boy!
Lunchtime at home

What a do Ty!

Sydney and Tanner - are they cute or what?

Brace face and soon to be brace face!

Ellie was glad to have daddy join us Saturday

We went on a very chilly hike to Badlands Park Sunday morning and weren't dressed warm enough. Brad put Libbys bare legs in a warm spot and Becky thought it was so cute she joined him!

Jason and the kids overlooking Salt Creek Beach

The free merry-go-round at the Great Park was a hit too!

The Openshaws up in the Big Orange overlooking Saddleback Valley

One of many trips to the beach

Our wild and crazy group after our trip up in the Big Orange

Before the beach on Memorial Day we went to visit the cemetary. After placing the flowers and cleaning the headstone Ellie pointed out that the flag made a perfect heart shadow! We know Grandma and Grandpa were telling us how much they love us and were glad we came to visit.

Most of the gang at Grandma Ellies grave.

Jens takes great pictures!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Roar and Snore and more...

Our favorite 13 and 14 year old grandchildren, Zane and Summer

The crazy wet grand children - it wasn't that hot!

Porters favorite wildlife - the bobcat. Sure was a good thing it was fenced in!

Here we are with our duffle bags with all our gear.

This was probably their favorite animal - the duiker. We went back many times but nothing came close to this first finger-licking good first time.

The campers after a good night sleep

Our early morning walk among the animals

Syd, did Tanner ruin this picture?

Another group shot from our hill

Hot chocolate in the morning

Packed and ready for a fun day

The men at the campfire

Campfire cuties - Tanner didn't ruin this one Syd!

Ellie picked a lot of flowers

This giraffe welcomed us to our campsite

On our night walk through the park

Up close and personal with ________ (wish I could remember what it was!)

Ready for a fun night

the boys getting settled

The girls are already settled of course