Monday, September 26, 2011

Amy turns 40 in style?!!!

Amy's amazing friends decorated her yard!
We arrived Fri. night just in time for the BYU game and the Lunds gave us their amazing 50 yd. line seats along with the great buffet in the tent!

And BYU even won!

Cute Tanner! Porter and Zane walked to the Timpview game instead!

Bright and early Saturday morning, Amy's official 40th birthday, she had a group of her friends (and her fat, old, mom) join her in the Dirty Dash in the mountains above Provo.

Here is the whole gang complete with party hats and custom t-shirts with Amy's cute 15 year old picture on them.

Most of the gang after washing off most of the mud...yuck! I may post more dirty pictures when I get them!

After a long shower we got to go with Marks friends for a float down the Provo River with the whole family.

She really does know how to celebrate!

Mark, Ellie and Zane getting the hang of paddling!

Tanner was a pro!

The gorgeous scenery...the trees were just starting to change and the weather was perfect!

Terry and Porter were finally getting along!
After the raft trip we all went to a movie too! We saw Dolphin Tale and then the girls went to bed and the boys went for burgers!!! All in all it was one memorable 40th birthday and Terry and I are still trying to come to grips with being parents to a 40 year old!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We really know how to put the "Labor" in Labor Day!

The look on Jasons face says it all. " You invited me for Labor Day and you really meant "Labor"!!!

Cleaning up the mess the boys made!

The fun began Friday night and started off pretty easy.

Jen and Summer taking a break on the stairs - one of the only clean places you could find!

Terry was the master of the saw

Jason was a really good sport and can now lay wood flooring at your house if you give him a call!

Jen painting the powder room. You know, since we didn't have enough to do we might as well paint too!

Ty was a big helper and was always looking for his next job!

Painting the baseboards. Why is it I always wear the paint?

Becky became master gluer

Do you think Brads clothes will come clean with all that glue on them?

The kids were a big help keeping Libby entertained. Here they are across the street on their way home from the park.

They finally had things pretty much put back together and had us over for dinner Sunday. Libby finally got her birthday present from us and loved her Libby ABC book.

Libby trying out her new doll stroller on the new wood floor.

What a difference a week makes! Isn't the floor gorgeous?

And the powder room with the new paint!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Libby is 1!

Libby turned 1 on Sept. 8th and the power went to the pool we went

We went to Chilis for dinner then home to open presents by candlelight

On Saturday Becky planned a great party with 3 of her other friends who had girls turning 1 within a few weeks of each other. Becky made the cute ladybug cupcakes to go with the theme.

Libby was very delicate with her very first cupcake and sugar of any kind.

They had a cute pinata

We were lucky to have the Stewarts come in from Arizona for the big day

We had a diaper dash and Ty was the winner

Libby won of course

Libby with her mommy

The very cute 1 year old