Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally got my camera back!

The Stewarts came a few days early for Thanksgiving and got to see the Macbeths before they went to Washington.
Summer helping with my "famous" rolls

Syd and Ty helped make the roll dough

The weather was beautiful - a very warm 80! After the turkey was in the oven we headed up the street to the park for some football and volleyball.

Uncle Randy with Summer and Sydney

We love Thanksgiving!


We are ready to eat We all took a little walk to the park after our big meal

Exactly what was I looking at????? This picture was an accident and I still don't know how to delete it!

The cute Stewart Family

Randy and Cheryl picked the best lighting for their photo

Only a few of us made it all the way around the lake. Cheryl is taking the picture and Willy is showing us his best side!

A soak in the hot tub after our walk around the lake.

Wasn't sure I would put this one in but the water covers Cheryl and my "best" parts~!

Doesn't Ty look like he is excited to go to Legoland? He really did have a good time!

A house update - we still have a lot to do but the inside is quite livable now. We just got the artwork yesterday and Terry is enjoying sitting and watching football again.

Remember the gross tub after the shower door removal? Well, a few hours with a razor blade it it quite presentable!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's coming together

Remember the old wetbar? Terry and Alan worked hard on this transformation.
The finished bookcase - great job Terry and Alan!

Alan really helped (or should I say "did most of the work) making the mantle. Doesn't it look great? Now all we need to do to the fireplace is clean it out - you would have thought we might have done that first!!!

The diningroom is ready - come on over for dinner!

We'll need to go shopping for some artwork over the sofa

Sim came over and helped me decide where to hang pictures and things

You may have to wait till next post (and 10 more hours of scraping) to see the clean results!

After Brad took the shower door off the upstairs bath we were left with a real mess. A lot of elbow grease and a razor blade seem to be doing the trick.

This room is almost ready for the grandkids to come hang out!

We got the shelf unit from the old house and Terry did some reconfiguring and we got a new TV for the den upstairs. Looks pretty good even with the too yellow walls. Note the blinds are up too.

My moms jewelry box fits quite nicely on the landing

The entry - Zanes picture looks great but we sure need a small table underneath.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You said you wanted more photos....

Our first family dinner one week after the move - not too bad!
Ready for the floors!

What a difference new windows, fireplace, and carpet make!

The baseboards before the carpet rush!

Alan really worked up a sweat and spent lots of hours showing Terry his expertise in woodworking and sharing his awesome tools!

We have great friends!

A few of our awesome helpers - we would still be moving without them!

Talk about a bunch of junk! I'm pleased to say that with Brads help we can now park one car in the garage. As soon as Terry finishes some more projects we'll get the second one in.

Third time is the charm with the carpet on the stairs. Two wrong colors and a few more hundred dollars and all is well!

I love my new table in the kitchen and still need to do lots of detail painting when I get a chance.

The livingroom still needs work and the coffee table has to go - way too big for the room.

I really like the sitting area in the kitchen and the red walls!

We are quite pleased with the new master bath mirrors after I broke the giant one!

The yellow (turned out a bit bright) room is getting ready for some relaxing - hopefully, some day soon! Thanks Brad for getting the sofa up those stairs!

The upstairs bathroom is almost ready - just have to get the crude off where the yucky shower doors were!

The guestroom is ready - who wants to be first?

The computer and telephone are finally working after 10 days - yeehaw!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We're in!!!!

Computer and telephone are still out but here are a few pictures. We met our goal of moving on Oct. 24th. It wasn't all finished but we have plenty of time for lots of fine-tuning. More pictures when I get time.
The truck heading down the street - our amazing friends (and family) helped us move all our stuff - and Terry has lots of stuff!!!

The bed was a welcome sight after sooo many sleepless nights

My plants added a little life to the non-existant landscaping