Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

This is the valley in Switzerland that Terry's Gertsch relatives are from and everyone there knew a Gertsch or two. When Terry asked his grandfather, Carl, why his grandfather left such a beautiful place for Nebraska, he replied, "you can't eat the scenery!". It was by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Imagine Yosemite but totally green!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OK, here is my second try at posting something without Jens help. Let's see if it works this time. Here we are at the Top of Europe, the Jungfrau in Switzerland. It was sooo cold and beautiful.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They're Back!

Mom sent out some of her gorgeous photos
in an email. Until she figures out this blog
thing, I will upload these for her.
The bridge right outside our hotel - gorgeous

Just a few of the gorgeous tulips‏!
400+ yr old book

Well, judging by these photos,
we cannot wait to see more!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Saying goodbye to a great trip

We will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and have mixed emotions. It has been great but I think we are ready to be home and talk to all of you. We spent the day today in Ballenburg, a Swiss village of 16th to 18th century homes, farms, etc. it was very interesting and the weather held up till it was time to go and a thunderstorm came in. We didn't get wet but missed the last boat and had to take the train. seems the lady who sold us the tickets this morning really screwed us. oh well, what is another 100 francs in this ridiculously expensive country. We have to try to repack tonight to see if we can get everything on the plane. Wish us good luck and we will be traveling for about 18 to 19 hours yikes. Bec and Brad thanks for picking us up.

Jungfraujoch~Top of Europe

This was mom's funny attempt at an e-card!
hit we are at the top of europe and soo cold but beautiful. p.ease forwaard this to amz and jen as i onlz have 3 mo

We have lost our traveling partners.

Hi we are now in Interlocken, Switzerland. Tammy and Eric left this morning from Lauterbrunnen. Think of Switzerland and you can imagine the beautiful valley dotted with chalets. from our balcony at our hotel we could see 6 gigantic waterfalls and the top of the Alps. We went to Jungfraujoch yesterday. Did you get our crazy email from the top. it is the highest peak in Europe. it is called the top of Europe. the weather was clear and the view unbelievable. We first went thru an ice cave and thought it was pretty cold but then went outside and in 5 min. thought we would die. it took 15 min. for my fingers and toes to thaw out. it was 9.6c minus and the wind was at 45 mph+. Tammy got a little altitude sickness. We then went to the observation center, they call it the sphinz. it was warmer there cuz you could stand on the opposite site of the wind. hope all our hundreds of pictures do it justice. We are at the Amy and Becky would love the hike I agreed but said they would like the trip up the mountain too! Internet is free and convenient here so I will try to send a couple more before we leave.

Jen here....anyone here wonder why I would dislike this letter? Sensitive (and apparently lazy) middle daughter here!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick note from Lucerne

I tried to put this email
straight onto the blog without
any editing and blogger wouldn't accept
mom's fun foreign typing skills! :0)

Hi we leave Lucerne today. Had a nice day in the rain yesterday just shopped and walked like crazy. Congrats to Porter on his big win and hope Brads first day went well. We leave for Lauterbrunen this morning. We're getting good at this train and bus thing. Hey, I didn't hear from Jen. Hope all is well and know we love and miss you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

if its sunday it must be switzerland‏

Just for fun, I left this one the way it appeared in our inbox. Those keyboards must be funky! Mom is an excellent typist! :o)

hi all and im back to a german keyboard wish me luck. the ships computer was not very reliable so did not get to email much. We have seen a million medieval cities and thousnds of cathedrals and thez were all charming. we got off the ship this morning and took the train to lucerne. the weather is beautiful and we are checking into our hotel and taking a boat tour of the lake. zesterdaz we toured the alsace wine region of france and got caught in a rain storm at the end but didnt get too wet. we spend two dazs here then on to either <-