Monday, April 19, 2010

A good weekend despite the gout!

We all went to the La Mirada theater for Cheryls birthday. We saw the Buddy Holly Story. It was great! Brit brought her friend (and ours - he is how Becky and Brad met!), Mike. It was a great night.
The girls picture!

I walk around Laguna Niguel lake a few times a week and it has been so beautiful with all the green. I forgot my camera in the morning when the sun was shining but it still was beautiful under the clouds. I'm glad we live so close now.

It had really cooled off when we walked around the lake after dinner.

So, what do you think of the magnificent plant now?

Friday, April 16, 2010

More Sedona for Easter

We went to the Sedona Easter Egg Hunt. Ty got to find a bunch of eggs but the girls were too old so they got to go on a very frustrating scavenger hunt. Ask them if they had a good time?

Ty went on the pony ride quite a few times Ty and Jason enjoying the hayride

We had a great tour of the firetrucks

Swing those hips girls! Ty, just try to get it going!

We saw one of the elusive javalinas!

We had a great tour of the most beautiful KFC - Taco Bell in the world! It will be a great addition to Sedona when it finally opens - it's about 6 - 9 months behind schedule!

Jen in the gigantic and gorgeous dining room

"May I take your order?"

What cute little prairie dogs in the backyard of KFC

Summer actually got her fire started (and extinguished) after we looked high and low for matches or a starter.

The girls had a fire starting competition in the front yard while the guys worked on the hoop

Spring has been fun and busy

It took Jason and Terry a few hours to put Ty's new basketball hoop together
Yeah, they finally finished!

It's always fun to dye Easter eggs. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the camoflauge eggs!

Syd did a great job with her egg

Jen made us a delicious Easter dinner. It was yummy!

So, we girls played basketball with Ty for a few hours and just had a great time. The boy played for 15 minutes and managed to break Jasons foot. Yikes!

The Openshaws came for their spring break and had some great beach weather. They hit the beach, pool and even helped Willy with his horrible shedding season. Sorry I don't have any fun beach pictures - check out Amys blog!

Max enjoying his bath

We had a fun game of dominoes

Max was Grammys big helper in his first game of dominoes!

Does Max look a little to feminine with Pops pig ears?

Terry must have been jealous of Jasons broken foot so he is laid up with a bad case of gout! Yikes!