Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm back....finally!!

 We got to use our Disneyland passes for a few times before they expired.  It is so fun!

 No Thanksgiving dinner pictures but a great bike ride on a gorgeous day before the big bird came out of the oven!
 Libby loves Grammys glasses and drawing...she really likes her table and chair set up!

 We celebrated Christmas a little early before we all flew off to separate places.

 Terry and I flew off to Montana and had a nice, cold walk with Scoop and Ty.
 Christmas cookie time at Jens
 We didn't want to pay for our Santa photo so I took this blurry one from far away!
 Cookie decorating time!
 Christmas Sunday with the cute grandkids...gotta love that boy!

 This was a "warm" morning walk!!
 Summer starting her rag quilt project
 A delicious Christmas Eve dinner...thanks Jen!
 What a cute Mary and Joseph
 We definately got our white Christmas
 We drove down to the Yellowstone River for some Christmas day photos

 We anxiously await Les Miz
 Our snowman turned into a snow blob because the snow was too dry to stick!  Isn't he cute?
 Lunch at KFC before the flight home...thanks Jason!
 Summer finally got her snow tires. 
Thanks Bec and Brad for such a cute car!
 Working on the quilt
 Ty took us to Cabelas so he could show us the cool store but most importantly...get some BB's for his new gun!!!

 Hey, not bad for a first time!!!
Grammy helping Syd with her cross-stitch apron project...hope it is going well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin time

 Our second annual pumpkin carving night
 Check out miss Lexi sitting up at 5 months
 Brad bought us all these nice pumpkins (and Libby helped)
 Libby helping Uncle Mike carry them in
 Cute picture of Libby and Daddy
Look how big Lexi is!  She really does smile alot...just not when you want her to!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Openshaws Part Two

 The gang at Pumpkin City. 
 Just try to get those girls to smile and look up at the same time!
 It was so much fun watching Max and Libby on the rides.  They had quite the groupies to wave to on each turn and they got their parade waves down very well.

 These cars went around about 20 times and they waved to us the whole time!  So cute!
 Sunday after dinner we had a great walk on Strands Beach for the sunset

 Uncle Brad got home from his backpacking trip to join us.  Those Macbeth girls were sure glad to see him
Thanks for coming Openshaws.  It was a great trip.

Openshaws October Visit

 First stop - Legoland!  Don't you love Tanners creation?
 The whole gang
 We waited the longest for this ride.  We love the playstations for the kids while the parents wait in line!
 do you think these boys might be a bit big for this ride?
 Max was in heaven
 Lexi enjoying our view of everyone else on the Sky Power ride
 We came home early for dinner with Mark, Becky, and Pops at Baja Fish Tacos and then our favorite ice cream spot...Thriftys!

 Ellie was such a big help with Lexi.  I think she is ready to babysit!
 Saturday was a beautiful day at Montage Beach
Max loves fire hydrants and liked this white one