Friday, December 18, 2009

Ready for our first Christmas in our new home

It was fun putting the Christmas touches on the new house - come by and see!
It is a bit crowded with the tree but looks beautiful

The bookcase is the perfect place to display all my nativities. We got two really beautiful ones in Germany and Switzerland this year to add to the collection.

Last week was cold and rainy and the fireplace in the kitchen was so inviting.

This weekend is supposed to be 80 - a more typical SoCal Christmas!

The dining room with beautiful Christmas gifts from wonderful friends and family over the years. They sure bring back fond memories of loved ones each year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A very quick trip to Utah!

We took a very quick trip to Utah for the blessing of Samuel Max Openshaw. We left Fri. night at 7:00 and arrived at 5:30 am. A few hours of sleep and then got to enjoy the very busy life of the Openshaws. We had a quick dinner after church Sun. and took off at 4:30pm. Home by 2:00am. A few hours of sleep then back to work for all of us on Mon.!!! Busy but so worth it!
The very handsome Openshaw family - Max has really added a sweetness to their family.

Terry was already off changing clothes when it was picture time. Look how big Max looks already!

We got to go see Ellie perform with her dance class at a retirement home on Sat. They did "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" in their PJ's. It was cute but wish we could have seen her Nutcracker in her tutu a few days before.

We took Max shopping Sat. and thought he might like a few Santa hats!

We woke up to about 3-4 inches of fresh snow Sunday morning. It was so beautiful when the sun came out on our way to church. This is a picture I took of Amys house on the way to church - sorry it isn't very good!