Sunday, October 18, 2009

More helpers - the Openshaws!

The new wood floors in the diningroom and hall are in and gorgeous. Hope we can clean up the kitchen and entry to look half as good!
The new windows are all in!

Ellie was a great painters apprentice!

Max came to help too!

Porter and Tanner getting ready to paint the top part of the computer room. Sum and Syd had painted the bottom last week.
The Openshaw kids had 3 days off of school and came down to help us! Are they the greatest or what? We did sneak in some beach, pool, In-N-Out, Thriftys ice cream and a movie. Hope they will want to come back!
Is breaking a really large mir ror more than 7 year bad luck?!!!

Mark putting together my new kitchen table

The fireplace is just missing the mantle.
Doesn't it look beautiful next to the new windows!?!

Zane busy painting baseboards

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Stewarts come to help with our "little" project!

Randy helped us take these treasures to the dump....going, going...
Shingles, shingles, shingles......going!


Randy has been the greatest helper. He can do it all and well!

Paint, paint, and more paint! Thanks Becky for a great job even though I don't like the color I picked and will paint over the mustard tan!!!

We had the cutest apprentice painters....Syd wore a lot of the paint home!

They did a great job!

Jen helping me add some color to my life - we all love the red kitchen!

The new house even has an ice cream man! Yummy!

Enjoying the ice cream break

Brad has been busy trying to make the garage pretty!

Ty worked hard after Uncle Brad showed him how to use some boy toys!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's 5:00 am and this is all I can think of....

Terry (and Brad) spent Saturday in the garage. We can now store all our goodies in the rafters and he made a workbench. Drywall is tonight hopefully! He does love using his!
The carpet - after vacuuming!!!! Just makes you want to lay right down and take a break doesn't it?!!!

Mark, the plaster guy, is doing his magic with the craziness of what used to be. He is amazing!

Terry has removed the wetbar and started to make a cool bookcase where it was (behind him)

I have been taping and putting plastic over everything that we do not want textured. I should have bought stock in painters tape as I am blowing through the $6 rolls! Note my pearls - forgot to take them off when I started my night job!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From bad to worse.....then some progress!

So after Randy and his friend, Mark, had removed the water damaged ceiling, and started to retexture the electricians poked holes all over! We have learned an old lesson - you get what you pay for! Their two day project is going on 9 days and we hope they don't do any more damage!
Randy and his friend patched the electricians mess and I felt much better.

My first new window! They came and finished the granite window sill. It will be great!

They began work on the fireplace - it will be so cool. Check our the carpet samples. We are definitely doing the middle one on the stairs and have to decide on the main one this week.

Bec and I brought the first load over. Thought I would put the kids toys in one of the freshly painted closets. Come on down just wouldn't want to sit on the gross floor!