Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A trip to Disneyland for Max and Ellie

 On Sept. 27, 2013 Max and Ellie (and their mom and dad) came for a trip to Disneyland.  It was Terry and my 44th wedding anniversary.  I went to Disneyland...he went to work!!! 
 Cars Land was high on Max' list and he loved it!

 Minnie and Mickey were there to greet us!

 Max was so excited to meet Lightning McQueen!

Pumpkin City and Santa Ana Zoo

 Third weekend in a row we got to be with the Openshaws!  this was their fall break and down they came again.  The little ones (and Ellie) took us to the Santa Ana Zoo.  Don't think I have ever been there.  It is small and cute.  We will go back now that I have a year pass!
 We rode the cute train
 And the carosel...Max chose the tiger
 Libby the flower horse
 Amy the eagle
 and Ellie the hummingbird!
 Saturday after a day at the beach we headed to Pumpkin City...I remember bringing the older boys with my parents way back when...good memories!!
 Max drove Libby in the boats
 and the tractor  (he is really a good driver!)  No good pictures of Ty squeezing into drive these...it was very funny!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fast forward...October General Conference

 We continued the tradition of attending General Conference with our 16 year old grandkids...we spent a great weekend with Summer and Zane this year.
 Heading out from LAX with Summer now that she lives in SoCal too! 
 We stay at Little America and that means lots of good food.  Started the day with their amazing brunch.
 Now we just need some more tickets...Summers made creative signs and we scored right off the bat!  Summer and Zane sat in the 6th row of the conference center.  Pretty amazing with 22,000 people!  I was pretty lucky down on the plaza but poor Terry was in the nosebleed section .  It really didn't matter because you felt the Spirit wherever you were.  Great talks and music.  It was wonderful.

 We got to go to the Church History Museum for a few minutes to see the great display on scouting 100th church exhibition.  And look who is part of it!!!  All three older Openshaw boys are in the pictures but Porter is front and center.  That is Zane on the right and Tanner is off to the left.
 Great to be there with a celebrity!
 Riding Trax was fun especially when I pulled out my camera!
 We walked the street of Salt Lake City alot
 Two of the worlds cutest grandkids overlooking the SLC Temple where my parents were married.
Thanks Summer and Zane for being such great kids and sharing in this very special memory!