Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and Sea World

The Macbeths hosted our very small group for Thanksgiving. They did a great job!
Ready to dig in!

Wednesday Becky, Libby and I went to Sea World. Libby loved it!

She loved watching the shows and loved making fishy faces!

Sea World was ready for Christmas

Libby loved the new Turtle Reef for an upclose look at the fish

Monday, November 21, 2011

Brit's graduation

Last week our neice, Brittani, graduated from the University of Phoenix
The graduate and her proud parents, Eric and Tammy

Way to go Brit!

Monday, November 7, 2011

No pictures but plenty of news

We just got back from helping Jen and her family pack up their home for the big move to Montana. It was very sad as they had made so many wonderful friends in the short year they were in Clarkdale. They had a ton of people come over to help and the job went as well as could be expected.
We did get to go to Ty and Syds last soccer games and it was fun watching them but sad when they had to say goodbye.
The truck, minivan and Tahoe headed to Amy's house in Provo Sunday morning. Becky, Brad, Libby, and we got to go to Bearizona outside of Williams, Ariz. Jen had a free pass and it was so fun. We drove through many animal enclosures and got to handfeed burros and watch as blackbears walked right up the road to us! It is a really cool place.
The lack of any pictures is because I am an idiot! We had great moving pictures, snow pictures, and animal pictures that I deleted!!! Jen and Becky didn't take any pictures because I took so many! I am an idiot!
I know the Stewarts will make wonderful friends in Billings but I sure wish it was a heck of a lot closer!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A cute ladybug and her big announcement

Sorry she is blurry but she was the cutest ladybug and even though she didn't know what candy was she loved trick or treating!

Libby with her boyfriends, Ian and Zeke!

The results of our pumpkin carving contest. Mikes bear and Brits ghosts won!

And the big announcement....Libby will be a big sister mid-May. Yeehaw!

Pumpkin carving time

Remember when I took pictures of her every week on my bed? She is so big now and it will be fun to take her brother or sisters pictures before we know it.