Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nethercutt Museum

 A friend told us about a cool museum in Sylmar so we made reservations and had a fun all day date on Saturday.  It was a long drive but well worth it.  The founders of Merle Norman Cosmetics had more money that they knew what to do with so they have this amazing collection of cars, giant music boxes, figurines, etc.  The cars are used in the Rose Parade for the Grand Marshall.  It was a great day!
 This was the first $20,000 car in the 30's!  It was gorgeous
 Can you imagine white tires?!!!
 The museum was made to replicate a car showroom from the 20's and 30's!  It was gorgeous.
 I loved all the colors of the cars!
We toured the train with it's private rail car.  Now that was quite the way to travel!

Lexi is one month old!

 The little sweetheart at one month old
The Macbeth girls!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grammy and Pops Camp Beach Bums

This is what we look like after 4 days of camping!!

Ellie and Sydney did a treasure hunt and enjoyed flying the shark kite
Before camping we girls and kids took Amys russian friend, Lena, to Sea World for the day
Soak zone crazies!
Shamu doing his thing
Early morning tidepool walk
Summer and Zane were very proud of their fishy cracker
Can you see the dolphin putting on a show for us?
Aunt Jen showing Libby the dolphin
Tanner and Ty never got out of the water
Back to post soak zone Sea World

Lexi at 2 weeks enjoying the beach from her tent

Date Shake time!
Early morning campers
View from our campground when the sun was shining!
Back to the non-soak zone smarties at Sea World.  Libby sure loves Shamu!
Lexi's first trip to Sea World at 2 weeks old!  She had already been to Disneyland at 8 days!
A small (and clean) shot of our campsite at Morro Campground above Crystal Cove Beach
Brit and Mike joined us for biking and a bonfire at Huntington Beach on Saturday
Amy found a comfortable and warm seat! 
Yummy foil dinner time
Amy brought a new treat - woof ums!  Smores were a hit too!
Libby loved "camping in a tent" for the first time
The cute Stewart Family
The cute Openshaw Family
A fun game of catch on the beach

Max loved all the sandcrabs he found
A quick shower and ready for church when we got home
Monday morning Pops took the kids deep sea fishing
The whole fishing gang
Sorry for the long post but as you can see we had a great time and had lots to tell about!