Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new camera just in time for a baby shower for Becky

Becky's friends gave her a wonderful shower. Her baby girl will sure be styling with all her great gifts!
It seems as though her name will be Libby (Elizabeth Kaye) even though it really isn't official yet!

This had to be the cutes diaper cake ever and the food was delicious! Becky has great friends!

There were adorable decorations everywhere!

The old high school friends - Jaime, Callie and Bec. Can you believe that between them they will soon have 7 kids?! Okay, so what if Callie has 4 all by herself!!!!

"Libby" got so many cute outfits and we all loved this swimsuit - she just has to love the water if she is Becky's daughter!

Natalie did some great things for the shower including shopping for the group gift - their carseat/stroller travel system

The wonderful shower was given by Becky's great friends, Sarah, Cindy, and Laura

Thursday, July 15, 2010

USS Midway

Can you see the name? Sidney Summer! Pretty cool!
Terry is pointing out what color shirt he was - the good looking brown guy!

The kids thought the bunks were quite comfy. Pops said he was stacked 5 high! Yikes!

Our very own tour guide told some great stories

Here we are in front of the type of plane Pops was in charge of when her served on the USS Ticonderoga during the Vietnam War. It is now resting on the bottom of the ocean someplace after it was intentionally sunk because it was so outdated! How does that make Pops feel?!!!

District Foster continues

The front of the carrier

Are those the cutest sailors or what? I was going to buy them all a sailor hat but they cost $13 each! Each family got one hat!

Porter and Ellie dressed us as members of the Mormon Batallion in the new visitors center in San Diego Old Town. It is great - go check it out!

Panning for gold at the visitors center - they got to keep one nugget of gold!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Huntington Beach

Note the fog finally clearing at 3:30 pm! The kids liked this beach so much we went back Fri. for our bonfire and I lost my camera at lifeguard #4 in State Beach. Big reward if you find it and call me. Thus, no pictures of our bike rides, hobo dinners, smores, Syd's fun games, etc.! The tire zip line was fun and had a crazy landing!

A cold walk on the pier

And a very cold lunch at In -n -Out

Ty loved the Adventure playground and said, "I would come back here 80 times!"

Rafting across the pond was fun

We were easy to spot in our orange camp shirts

The ice bucket standing contest - does Summer look like she is having fun yet?
Uncle Brad enjoyed adding extra torture to this competition. Porter ending up winning after 21 minutes!

Are you bored with all our fun yet?

Patiently waiting for the kids favorite store to!
All I can say is YUCK!

This guy is still wandering around Prehistoric Pets!

These turtles and ugly fish are very hungry in the morning!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The competition gets hot and heavy!

The pool was a favorite every day - note Summer's friend, Caleb, in the background. Ask her about him!
Summer planned a taste testing of her own. Her siblings look a bit leary.

Summer was the great planner. Here is just a sampling of all her planning.

A fun game of blindfolded badger

Ty and Ellie were given an advantage of a few beach towels and it was enough for them to win the shelter building contest

Porters shelter was quite large for not very protected from the elements - you know that crazy SoCal weather!

Tanner enjoying a cozy sleep in the shelter he and Syd built

Winners of another challenge - maybe the Lay an Egg but I'm not quite sure.

It's competition time

Age was the advantage on this monkey bar hang
The Capital etiquette dinner was delicious but maybe not the favorite activity!

Painting wooden snakes - not Ty painted his face too

Notice the enthusiasm of the Ettiquette Dinner guests

Lay an egg almost winners - jus a small crack

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Games Have Begun

All of our Tributes (even honorary Max) are decked out in orange and ready to begin
District Foster has begun and we are well into the competitions! Hope we survive!

Katniss Stewart takes this seriously!

The food challenge - they loved it!!!! Pickled herring anyone?

The Tribute Parade

Winners of the Tribute Parade

Feeling their new cousin enjoy the fireworks

Max loved the fireworks at the Lake