Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Larry and Kim come to visit

My big brother, Larry, and my sister-in-law, Kim, came for a few days visit from Texas. We had a nice visit with them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The 12 year olds invade!

Zane and Summer flew down for their 12 year old weekend. We went to the Newport Beach Temple Saturday morning to do the baptisms for some of Terrys ancestors. This is a very special tradition. We love those kids!
Summer was baptized for 33 of Terrys ancestors and Zane for 25! Some dated back to the 1500's. It was a great morning.

Lunch of Subway sandwiches down at Dana Point is always a fun thing to do. Just find a nice soft rock and you are set!

Terry loves feeding the seagulls his Subway sandwich. They literally eat out of his hand!

The tide was really out far and the pools were filled with sea creatures for us to torment!

Zane found hundreds of hermit crabs.

Here is our fearless hunter, Brad, disturbing a very large starfish from his peaceful perch just for our enjoyment.

Thanks Brad for sharing your find!

We even saw an octopus (or squid)

Sat. night was our traditional bowling night.... we are horrible bowlers!

Sunday was church and a very long game of dominoes with Becky and Brad. We played another short game of Scattergories - Zanes new favorite!

We didn't have much time on Monday but did manage a trip to the jacuzzi in the rain! Crazy Zane and Summer took a dip in the pool too!

Thanks for coming Summer and Zane - it was great to have you for the whole weekend - even if it did rain alot!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another very quick trip to Utah!

Laguna Hills was well represented at the wedding of Matt Easton and Rachel Ballough in the SLC Temple. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car and did not get any pictures of the bride and groom or wedding party. Shame on me! We drove up and left on Fri. night at 8:30 arriving at 6:00am! Wedding all day Sat. and then home on Sunday. Crazy but fun!
We were a little cold - we are not used to anything below 50!

It was fun having all the girls together for Matts big day - his is like a brother to all of them.

Amy got to spend some time with her old friend Lorie Short

Max was the only grandkid we got to spend much time with - he got to come to the reception cuz he has to have his meal ticket (Amy) very close by!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's official - the house is broken in!

We had our first fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve - thanks Brad. The Stewarts joined us on the 27th. The Openshaws and Mitchells came on the 28th. It was a wonderful Christmas!
Randy and Cheryl came down for a simple Christmas Eve dinner

We had a quiet but wonderful Christmas day at Becky and Brads but, alas... not pictures! Thanks for a great dinner and fun Wii thanks to Randy and Cheryl

It was a tight squeeze but we had a great time with the Mitchells

We squeezed 22 people in for more Christmas on Mon. the 28th!

Pops Pig nose survived the Openshaws car carrier opening and sending Christmas presents all over the freeway. Thanks Mark for salvaging most of our goodies. This truly is a priceless gem - the glass broke out but he does look great!

The day after my big party we braved the traffic (3 hrs there) and rain to get Ellie the doll she had been dreaming about for months. Thanks Mark and Jason for your patience.

Ellie at the American Girl Doll Store in LA with her birthday present from Grammy & Pops. She chose Rebecca, a jewish girl from New York in 1914.

We actually had some time to go to a movie on New Years Eve before we went home for games and Martinellis. Then a few of us went to the Rose Parade. Left home at 8:15am and got to the end of the route just as it started. I love the Rose Parade. Tammy had the only camera - maybe we find a picture later.

The old gray mare turns the big 60

Yep, it is true.... I am old! The girls really tried to ease my entry into old age. Thanks for the outstanding effort!
We had a delicious dinner by Cafe Rio - just opened their first store in SoCal

I love my brother, sister and sister-in-law

Look, we actually have a picture of Jen - she is usually the one taking the pictures

We go back a long way with Glen and Linda Prine

It was so great to see friends and family .... we just don't get to see them often enough

The girls did an awesome job... invitations, decorations, guessing games, skit, and even a poem by Becky and a cute and delicious cake. There is no mother who could be prouder of her girls. They are amazing women and I marvel at their talents every day. And the grandkids.... what can I say? Proud doesn't do my love for them justice. Thanks for the best party ever!

The kids did a great lipsync to my favorite song...Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Thanks Terry and girls for a wonderful party to ease into my old age!