Monday, June 1, 2009

Grand Canyon Grandkids (AKA Hobo Academy)

We had the best weekend with all the grandkids. We took the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Arizona to the South Rim. We hiked down the Bright Angel Trail before the rain (and not very far)

Disneys Christmas Carol train is touring the entire US this summer to promote their new movie coming out for the holiday season. It was fun to see how they do this new form of animation. We even got to see a sneak preview of this Jim Carey movie. Look for it around Thanksgiving.
The kids loved their hobo bags filled with snacks. They, Stinky P, Bummer, Zoo Boy, Tan Man, Snyd, Smelly, and Bubba, loved that their nicknames were on the bags.
Bummers very own drinking fountain in the Grand Canyon!
Here they are in their t-shirts
Grammy was a bit nervous with this wild gang along the rim!
The sun was a too bright for a good picture by the train sign
Red was our favorite cowboy entertainer on the train. Have Snyd play her harmonica she won from Pops for you!
Grammy and the bigger kids hiked down a bit farther and lost the 4 oldest for about 45 minutes afterwards. And we thought they were semi-intellegent!


  1. Wow! What great pictures! You guys sure look like you had fun - we're jealous! Who knew Grammy and Pops Boot camp was training them to be Hobos that get lost?!? I don't know if I'll be signing my kids up for that one! JK!

  2. Thank you so much! The kids enjoyed every minute...especially getting lost! It makes for great stories!!!

    I'm not sure that I will ever forgive dad for the harmonica, though! My ears are bleeding!!!

    Love ya!

  3. It look like you all had a great time.