Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting ready for grandbaby #8

Becky and I drove up to Provo to help Amy get ready for baby #5. We were very busy but had a great time. Terry and Brad flew up Friday night and then drove home with us on Sun. It was a short but fun trip for them.
Doesn't Amy look cute (and very pregnant!)? She always goes for the surprise at birth as far as knowing the sex of the baby. It is fun but a bit difficult when it comes time to decorate the nursery. She took Becky and I to her spinning class at the gym and this 9 month pregnant mom of 4 already put us to shame! She is in great shape!

Ellie helped paint in Zanes room too.

We spent 4 days peeling wallpaper off of Zane and the babies rooms - what a horrible job that is!

Zane was very happy with his new bedroom!

The fans enjoying the apples from the tree behind the field!

After Ellie scored her goal she got to be goalie! Can you tell the ball never came to her end of the field?

We got to go to the kids soccer games where Porter & Zane and Ellies teams totally dominated the opposition!

We got to go to the neighbors wave pool after the soccer games and rode the waves for hours on end - it was really fun! The neighbors house is unbelievable needless to say.


  1. Zane's room looks great. The hard work paid off!!!

  2. Amy looks adorable! So brave to have 5 kids. Nice of you guys to help out painting.

  3. Thanks for letting me tag along, Mom! It was a blast...well, most of it! ;)