Monday, March 15, 2010

Good weather for a little planting

This is the trench that has slowed down the progress on the yard. Seems that you dig down a little and water comes pouring in!!! Yikes! Blind and deaf Willy had a hard time and fell in a few times. It was very sad.
The trench is filled in and hopefully we can move a little faster on the landscaping now.

My wall planter outside the gate is really filling in nicely.

We could only get two of these Harley Botanica trees for privacy in the back yard. Hopefully we can get some more soon.


  1. I have one of those areas in my backyard that sprouts water when you dig. Your work looks so springy.

  2. its coming along nice...some great ideas for your space : )

  3. Ellie says Grammy"s house is a miracle. "It was such a dump and now it is beautiful!" Direct quote, I promise!