Friday, April 16, 2010

More Sedona for Easter

We went to the Sedona Easter Egg Hunt. Ty got to find a bunch of eggs but the girls were too old so they got to go on a very frustrating scavenger hunt. Ask them if they had a good time?

Ty went on the pony ride quite a few times Ty and Jason enjoying the hayride

We had a great tour of the firetrucks

Swing those hips girls! Ty, just try to get it going!

We saw one of the elusive javalinas!

We had a great tour of the most beautiful KFC - Taco Bell in the world! It will be a great addition to Sedona when it finally opens - it's about 6 - 9 months behind schedule!

Jen in the gigantic and gorgeous dining room

"May I take your order?"

What cute little prairie dogs in the backyard of KFC

Summer actually got her fire started (and extinguished) after we looked high and low for matches or a starter.

The girls had a fire starting competition in the front yard while the guys worked on the hoop


  1. You forgot to mention the $2 million over budget part! :0(

    We're so glad you came!!!

  2. The javalina looks scary. The store looks great-We have one tiny taco bell down the street-it was supposed to be a coffee shop.