Thursday, July 15, 2010

USS Midway

Can you see the name? Sidney Summer! Pretty cool!
Terry is pointing out what color shirt he was - the good looking brown guy!

The kids thought the bunks were quite comfy. Pops said he was stacked 5 high! Yikes!

Our very own tour guide told some great stories

Here we are in front of the type of plane Pops was in charge of when her served on the USS Ticonderoga during the Vietnam War. It is now resting on the bottom of the ocean someplace after it was intentionally sunk because it was so outdated! How does that make Pops feel?!!!


  1. I guess he is outdated as well. Not really!

  2. Yep...he deserves Grandpa's 'Grumpy Old Fart' hat. We loved our personal tour guide. What a cool experience!!! THANKS!!!