Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Visitors

The Stewarts came first and had great beach weather!
They mostly came for some serious Libby time

We had a quick (got there too late) trip to Pumpkin City

It was a fun group with Tammy and Brit too

The cute Macbeth Family

The Openshaws overlapped the Stewarts for about half a day. We had more time with them at Pumpkin City but in the everpresent drizzle.

Notice the rain drops!

We had a fun walk to the beach by way of the gorgeous St. Regis Hotel. Can you tell we didn't get hot?

Ellie at one of the fountains - we were the only people there!

We took these crazy Utahans to Three Arch Bay and they enjoyed it despite the horrible weather!


  1. Your weather was bad because you flaked on our plans. You should have went, it was GREAT! glad I got to see you though. Love you sister.

  2. Thanks for another great time. BEST PARENTS EVER!!!

  3. We never mind the weather if we get to be with you!