Monday, April 18, 2011

The Openshaws come for a great spring break

We had the perfect beach weather the whole time the Openshaws were here. Saturday we all went to spend Aunt Cheryls birthday with her at Divers Cove in Laguna Saturday morning Pops took the boys golfing for the first time. Uncle Brad joined them too for the fun. Max finally gave in and took a nice long nap in Libbys tent
Brit and Ellie showing off a few of Ellies sandcrabs
Mark joined us Friday at Three Arch Bay in Laguna

Thursday afternoon at Strands Beach before Porter took the smartkey for a swim!
Libby loved watching the boys play football
The Openshaws with Strands beach in the background
A walk at Salt Creek Beach
We were pretty lazy and hitched a ride up to the Ritz
Ask the boys how much they love our walks!


  1. Man, what happened to that amazing beach weather?! I'm definitely missing it for my spring break! Sure was fun to have the gang here!

  2. Thanks for a great week & thank you California for cooperating (sorry Bec). We love being with you!