Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Porter's 16 year old trip

Pops and I decided that when the grandkids turn 16 we will take them to Conference in Salt Lake City. Porter turned 16 in December and he seemed to enjoy the weekend despite the fact it was only 1 hour from home. We went to both Sat. and Sun. morning sessions and the boys went to the Priesthood meeting.
Porter is a great kid who has passed up Pops in height. He is a straight A student and just got his first job. He enjoyed staying at Little America and having their breakfast buffet twice and a great steak dinner in their steakhouse. We loved spending time with him but will definately need to work on "climate control" if we let him come again!
This is our view as we came into Provo on Friday. It is a long drive from CA and Mark felt sorry for us (we are doing the trip 2 weekends in a row) and picked us up in his plane at the halfway point, Mesquite, Nevada.
Thanks Mark for making the trip so much easier!
Sunday night was Porter's Eagle Scout Court of Honor (thanks Amy for arranging it while we were there. His project was putting in a big flagpole at Rock Canyon Park.
Porter got to lead all the Eagles in the Scout Oath. Four of his friends received the honor with him that night.
Our first Eagle since we only had girls but all our son-in-laws are Eagles too!
We also got to go to Amy's Missionary Reunion on Friday night. Here she is with Lena, her first native Russian companion who really helped her learn the language at the beginning of her mission.
Here she is with the 20 years in Ukraine cake she ordered and her mission President, his wife and some of the missionaries she served with. We were so happy to be able to meet these wonderful people.


  1. That made for one busy weekend. Glad it was so great!

  2. Congrats to Porter on earning his Eagle Scout award.