Sunday, July 1, 2012

A fun last minute trip to Big Bear

 My dear friend Heidi offered her timeshare for the weekend.  Who are we to decline a good time?  So off we went!
 We took a nice boat ride around the lake
 Oh my goodness!  Look who is driving the boat!  Libby took her job very seriously!
 There were hundreds of beautiful homes on the lake but this quirky one was my favorite.  It was Chinese in design and each room was a separate building.  It was on it's own island too!
 We walked the boardwalk over the lake.
 We hiked up to Castle Rock.  It was very steep but thankfully only one mile!
 The view from the top

Brad was actually the only one of us to make it to the tippy top!  Way to go Brad.  We had a great weekend.  Thanks Heidi!


  1. Beautiful look at Big Bear, a place we always took for granted.

  2. That was soooo fun! Thanks so much for letting us tag along. We LOVED it!