Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remels, Germany

This is Jen posting. Grammy and Pops are
in Holland as I type. We are receiving email
accounts of their travels and this was their
first email account of their 3 week travels:
Well we made it and it is wonderful so far. Jetlag got to us and I slept 10 hours last night. We got terribly lost yesterday thru Holland and Germany but found the most beautiful countryside imaginable. It is so green and clean everything is spotless and no one speaks English! Even the computer keyboard is different. The weather is perfect about 65. We spent a lot of time at the church and cemetery in Grossenkneten where dads family dates back to the 15th century. We met some very distant relatives the Hellbuschs and they were wonderful and even took us to the church office where we got to touch the book of records that records the births back to the 1600 and saw his distant ancestors name right there. I got to touch the book that dated back to the 1400s~ at home it would have been under glass in a museum. What a different way of life - they ride bikes everywhere. All ages from little kids to old people. They have their baskets and racks and off they go. Bikes are everywhere and they don't lock them even. I would love it but your dad complained on the little ride we went on yesterday from Grossenkneten to Sage. Dad is so excited to smell the air where his ancestors lived. It is neat. We are on our way back to Amsterdam and hope not to get as lost today. We have had a few amazing race experiences and would probably have been eliminated! Well we best be back on the road. Dad just got gas and went to get more euros. Love Germany so far and look forward to my roots in Holland. Miss you and wish we could share this with you. Hope all is well there.
Mom and Dad

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  1. Jen is so great at blogs! Thanks Jen for doing this and thanks mom and dad for keeping us updated!