Friday, April 24, 2009

We miss them!

Jen here... I just wanted to explain
something....I am a VERY dependent
girl when it comes to my parents!
3 weeks without them seems like
torture. Luckily my mom is cool enough
to stop into internet cafes and update us
ever-so-often. I am constantly thinking
of them....with dumb things. Making rice
in my rice cooker, I am reminded of how
my mom taught me to fill it to my first
knuckle. Making Pineapple Upside Down
Cake makes me think of dad and his 60th
birthday party. We are so lucky to have
healthy, fun, and loving parents and grand-
parents. We love them and are counting
down the days until their return!Mom's update from this morning in Amsterdam:
Hi! Hope all is well there - keep us informed so we don't miss out on 3 weeks of your life while we are gone. We had a great day museum hopping yesterday. Anne Frank in the morning for a very somber tour of a very small dark home where a terrible tragedy happened. It was indescribable the feeling there. From there we took the canal boat to the Van Gogh museum - so so because that is not my favorite and then to the Rijksmuseum and we were in our element. I just love the Dutch masters. We had a great Italian dinner and then a walk thru the Red Light dist. - gross! This really is a seedy city with some great things! We'll just stay away from that area and glad our wonderful hotel is in such a great area. Well, we're off to Keukenhof and the flower fields - can't wait!

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