Friday, May 8, 2009

We have lost our traveling partners.

Hi we are now in Interlocken, Switzerland. Tammy and Eric left this morning from Lauterbrunnen. Think of Switzerland and you can imagine the beautiful valley dotted with chalets. from our balcony at our hotel we could see 6 gigantic waterfalls and the top of the Alps. We went to Jungfraujoch yesterday. Did you get our crazy email from the top. it is the highest peak in Europe. it is called the top of Europe. the weather was clear and the view unbelievable. We first went thru an ice cave and thought it was pretty cold but then went outside and in 5 min. thought we would die. it took 15 min. for my fingers and toes to thaw out. it was 9.6c minus and the wind was at 45 mph+. Tammy got a little altitude sickness. We then went to the observation center, they call it the sphinz. it was warmer there cuz you could stand on the opposite site of the wind. hope all our hundreds of pictures do it justice. We are at the Amy and Becky would love the hike I agreed but said they would like the trip up the mountain too! Internet is free and convenient here so I will try to send a couple more before we leave.

Jen here....anyone here wonder why I would dislike this letter? Sensitive (and apparently lazy) middle daughter here!!!

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