Friday, May 8, 2009

Saying goodbye to a great trip

We will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and have mixed emotions. It has been great but I think we are ready to be home and talk to all of you. We spent the day today in Ballenburg, a Swiss village of 16th to 18th century homes, farms, etc. it was very interesting and the weather held up till it was time to go and a thunderstorm came in. We didn't get wet but missed the last boat and had to take the train. seems the lady who sold us the tickets this morning really screwed us. oh well, what is another 100 francs in this ridiculously expensive country. We have to try to repack tonight to see if we can get everything on the plane. Wish us good luck and we will be traveling for about 18 to 19 hours yikes. Bec and Brad thanks for picking us up.

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