Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the work begins.....

First things first - getting rid of all the bugs!
Let the destruction begin...

Removing the lovely shingles was a pretty easy job.

We now have another window in the master bedroom - who puts drywall over a window?!!!


  1. Holy Crap! It looks like a offense (as Sydney would say)! How crazy is that!?!

    I still can't get over those pictures. Please don't let this give either of you a heart-attack!

    Deep breath! OK, I'm better now.

    Um Hu (clearing throat)...Looks great!!! Just think, by next month it will be perfect!!!

  2. Seems really fun, to me. Clean slate and all. You both are so very talented, I look forward to watching the creative process. Kudos!

  3. What treasures your finding!