Sunday, September 27, 2009

The "destruction" zone!

Progress in the "destruction" zone this week..., termites gone, flat roofs redone, kitchen granite in, most canned lights in, and most walls ready to be retextured. Not a bad week but boy is the money flying out the door!
The growing pile of destruction goodies - only 4 weeks to go....will we make it?

One of four closet painting projects for the day - well....1/4 done almost!

That's Terry trying to figure out his new paint sprayer.

Looks a bit better with just one coat of paint.

One corner of normalcy - do you like the granite?


  1. LOVE IT! Can't wait for a tour!

  2. You even have decorations on the new countertop!?! I love it! The closet looks brand new with the paint job. I can't wait to see it in 2 weeks!!!!

  3. Wow the closet looks totally different. Counter top looks great.

  4. We just realized that your granite is almost the exact same as ours!!! :0)

  5. Gorgous! I think it's ready for you to live in right now. Who cares if there's a few bugs, and if one earthquake would send it crashing down. I think it's perfect! (just kidding!) Keep up the good work.