Monday, October 12, 2009

The Stewarts come to help with our "little" project!

Randy helped us take these treasures to the dump....going, going...
Shingles, shingles, shingles......going!


Randy has been the greatest helper. He can do it all and well!

Paint, paint, and more paint! Thanks Becky for a great job even though I don't like the color I picked and will paint over the mustard tan!!!

We had the cutest apprentice painters....Syd wore a lot of the paint home!

They did a great job!

Jen helping me add some color to my life - we all love the red kitchen!

The new house even has an ice cream man! Yummy!

Enjoying the ice cream break

Brad has been busy trying to make the garage pretty!

Ty worked hard after Uncle Brad showed him how to use some boy toys!


  1. I need to send you the picture of Edward Cullen...oh, I mean Jason after he was covered in the white paint. I'll put it on my blog for sure! :0)

  2. Fun! Let us know if you need any helpers!

  3. Awesome to have the whole family help.