Sunday, October 18, 2009

More helpers - the Openshaws!

The new wood floors in the diningroom and hall are in and gorgeous. Hope we can clean up the kitchen and entry to look half as good!
The new windows are all in!

Ellie was a great painters apprentice!

Max came to help too!

Porter and Tanner getting ready to paint the top part of the computer room. Sum and Syd had painted the bottom last week.
The Openshaw kids had 3 days off of school and came down to help us! Are they the greatest or what? We did sneak in some beach, pool, In-N-Out, Thriftys ice cream and a movie. Hope they will want to come back!
Is breaking a really large mir ror more than 7 year bad luck?!!!

Mark putting together my new kitchen table

The fireplace is just missing the mantle.
Doesn't it look beautiful next to the new windows!?!

Zane busy painting baseboards


  1. I love it! Everything is coming together beautifully! You guys have made great choices...colors and styles.

    I'm jealous that everyone has met Max now except us! :0(

  2. Amazing, Kandi, and the house is so beautiful, even more so with the idea of all the family working together on it! You guys are an inspiration! Hope to get over there soon!!!!!

  3. You didn't put any pictures of me!? Just kidding. Looked like fun!!!

  4. Thanks for letting us crash your remodel party! Let's do it again soon! Sorry we distracted you with playtime too!