Monday, January 4, 2010

The old gray mare turns the big 60

Yep, it is true.... I am old! The girls really tried to ease my entry into old age. Thanks for the outstanding effort!
We had a delicious dinner by Cafe Rio - just opened their first store in SoCal

I love my brother, sister and sister-in-law

Look, we actually have a picture of Jen - she is usually the one taking the pictures

We go back a long way with Glen and Linda Prine

It was so great to see friends and family .... we just don't get to see them often enough

The girls did an awesome job... invitations, decorations, guessing games, skit, and even a poem by Becky and a cute and delicious cake. There is no mother who could be prouder of her girls. They are amazing women and I marvel at their talents every day. And the grandkids.... what can I say? Proud doesn't do my love for them justice. Thanks for the best party ever!

The kids did a great lipsync to my favorite song...Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Thanks Terry and girls for a wonderful party to ease into my old age!


  1. You are more than welcome! You deserved every kind word that was said about you. You are our example of what a mother should be!!!

  2. Thanks for being our reason to celebrate! You deserve all that and more! I love you!

  3. My Sweet Friend,
    I do so enjoy your blog! You do a good job! Steve and I were SO SORRY that we had to miss your party, which we knew about long ago and thought it was still a secret! We were up North celebrating Steve's brother's 50th wedding anniversary! Couldn't miss that one, either! Loves and belated Best Wishes for your Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy birthday. Looks like it was a great party.