Monday, January 4, 2010

It's official - the house is broken in!

We had our first fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve - thanks Brad. The Stewarts joined us on the 27th. The Openshaws and Mitchells came on the 28th. It was a wonderful Christmas!
Randy and Cheryl came down for a simple Christmas Eve dinner

We had a quiet but wonderful Christmas day at Becky and Brads but, alas... not pictures! Thanks for a great dinner and fun Wii thanks to Randy and Cheryl

It was a tight squeeze but we had a great time with the Mitchells

We squeezed 22 people in for more Christmas on Mon. the 28th!

Pops Pig nose survived the Openshaws car carrier opening and sending Christmas presents all over the freeway. Thanks Mark for salvaging most of our goodies. This truly is a priceless gem - the glass broke out but he does look great!

The day after my big party we braved the traffic (3 hrs there) and rain to get Ellie the doll she had been dreaming about for months. Thanks Mark and Jason for your patience.

Ellie at the American Girl Doll Store in LA with her birthday present from Grammy & Pops. She chose Rebecca, a jewish girl from New York in 1914.

We actually had some time to go to a movie on New Years Eve before we went home for games and Martinellis. Then a few of us went to the Rose Parade. Left home at 8:15am and got to the end of the route just as it started. I love the Rose Parade. Tammy had the only camera - maybe we find a picture later.


  1. You forgot to mention how much you spoiled all of crazy lady! Love you!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had great holidays. We took Jenna to the doll store and she loved it.

  3. Thanks for a fabulous time in CA again!